Shannon Wells ~ Photojournalist
My name is Shannon Wells. I've been a shooter for thirty five years. I live in a small town in Alabama. Our heritage is the unique sound of the Muscle Shoals Music and we boast the birthplace of the deaf, dumb and blind prodigy, Helen Keller and jazz musician, W.C. Handy. The Tennessee River has been a major influence in my life, participating in boating, swimming and fishing in my youth. Aside from my children, now adults, my greatest love is photojournalism. I am employed as staff  Photographer at the University of North Alabama. I live with three dogs. I grow herbs, sew, cook, and entertain good friends. I've worked in a darkroom since 1976, shooting digital since 2003. I'm free to travel. My goal in life is and has been since my first b/w 126 cartridge film camera to use my mind, my body and talent to accomplish something useful for Humanity, to shoot photos and then shoot more photos all day, everyday!
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